Xiaoxuan Chen Gives “Forum of the Gifted Young – Excellent Alumna” Speech

On the afternoon of October 21, 2020, the first " Forum of the Gifted Young " of theis semester was successfully held in the aquatic lecture hallLecture Hall Over Water. This forum invited senior alumna Chen Xiaoxuan Chen to share her success story of success.

Chen Xiaoxuan Chen, the speaker, was recommended admitted to the School of the Gifted Young when she won for the first prize in the chemistry Ccompetition of in her the third year of Hhigh Sschool. Following her admission,, and then she applied for an undergraduate degree in the United States. After graduating from UIUC with the highest honors, she majored in chemical engineering and invested worked inat ExxonMobil for the trading of options and futures of oil and gas. After that, she studied in Harvard for an MBA degree and engaged in venture investment. By sharing her rich and colorful experiences, Chen Xiaoxuan Chen inspireds and encourageds junior students to explore the vast world and future opportunities.

At the beginning of the report, Chen Xiaoxuan Chen reviewed her experience from the third year of high school to the present. It can be described as "reading 10,000 books, traveling 10,000 milesLearn and do as much as possible".” She has traveled to 40 countries and more than 100 cities, but she said that what she wants to share today with SGY students is not the her current glamorous routine, but the story behind it. Next, she told three stories about her experiences, each of which aroused deep thoughts among the students.

In the first story, she mentioned that what impressed her most left the most lasting impression on her from her about her undergraduate study was not the fact that she graduated from UIUC with the highest honors, but the pain of writing experimental reports. From feeling strange and afraid at the outset of her studies to working till the wee hours of the morning, from advancing her grades from , Chinese students finish their classes with a C to an A+ on average. This is the very beginning of their her experience in a foreign country. This is perhaps the essence of the her journey across the ocean, to live in a strange environment to and explore their her own potential, to learn to overcome difficulties alone, and open up the situation her outlook onof life.

In the second story, she seriously soberly discussed mentioned the serious phenomenon abroad of discrimination against Chinese girls, then encouraged junior the students in the audience members to cheer each other up and make their voices heard, and not to question themselves because of the doubts from the outside world. She saidexhorted them to, ‘Always haves a seat at the table!’

The third story actually comes from a popularn online article called "Takeaway ridersDeliver drivers, stuck in the system." 'Aren't “How do we keep from being trapped in the we stuck in the system?' ” she asks reflectively. If from you imagine yourself from God's point of view, you will find your thoughts and actions are constrained by the static patterns of your own self stuck in the disk and mode of your brain, so you must try different options to help you to step out of your own system and experience and appreciate the variety of the world.

At the end of the speech, Chen Xiaoxuan Ms. Chen hopefully encouraged junior students, enjoining them to follow their own heart, to discover what they truly want in the end is what, and to cherish the days at USTC. We should, try to make different choices, and constantly try to not be afraid to make mistakes. She hopes that students can always keep curioussity, does not lower their ideal standards because of to not let immediate interests compromise their ideals, to be a kind and righteous peoplerson, to have gratitude  grateful for to all the people who have helped them along the way, and to pursue a life greater life with meaning and social value.

During the qQ&A session, students enthusiastically raised their questions. Dean Lu Zhengtian Lu, Dean of the School ofof  the School of the Gifted Young also raised his own questions, and Chen Xiaoxuan Chen answered them one by one. For example, regarding the planning of for the future that everyone is concerned about, Ms. Chen Xiaoxuan believes that every industry, and even the whole world itself, are changing rapidly. Only by learning to embrace uncertainty and keeping one's original heart and intention, can one stay ahead of the times. At last, students took photos with senior Ms. Chen and and the lecture ended as successfullya great success.

(translated by Wu ZIhan)