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Yunji Chen (Class of ‘97) won the Chinese Youth May 4th Medal

Yunji Chen (Class of ‘97) won the Chinese Youth May 4th Medal

On Youth Day, May 4th, of this year, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, as well as the National Youth Federation jointly awarded the 24th Chinese Youth May 4th  Medal in order to commend the outstanding and excellent representatives of the young members of society. Yunji Chen,the alumni of the School of the Gifted Young, won the medal. Meanwhile, the innovation team of the National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Intelligence of iFlytek at USTC won the Collective Chinese Youth May 4th  Medal.


Cheng Yunji is a researcher of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and a PhD tutor. At the same time, he serves as a specially- appointed researcher of the Excellence Brain Science Center of the CAS. He leads his laboratory to develop the Cambrian series of AI-designed processors. Prior to this, he worked on the  development of domestic computer chips for more than ten years, when he was responsible for or participated in the design of many Loongson processors. Further, he has published more than 60 papers in academic conferences and journals, including ISCA, HPCA, MICRO, ASPLOS, ICSE, ISSCC, Hot Chips, IJCAI, FPGA, SPAA, IEEE Micro, as well as many articles in various IEEE and ACM Transactions journals.

   Additionally, Chen Yunji also won the 1st Excellent Youth Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation, the Young Scientist Award of the Chinese Computer Society and Young Talent Award of the CAS. As a leader, he led his team to win several national-level honors..