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Unraveling Molecular Interaction Mechanisms: Bonding and Spectroscopic Features

Reporter: Prof. Wai-Leung Yim,Materials Science and Engineering,Institute of High Performance Computing,Singapore

Dr. Wai-Leung Yim received his PhD in Chemistry from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) in 2002. He has been working as research associate with Prof. John Yates, Jr. and Prof. Karl Johnson in Surface Science Center at University of Pittsburgh (USA) from 2002 to 2004. In 2005, he has been awarded HWK fellowship (Hanse Institute for Advanced Study) and
Alexander von Humboldt research fellowship, and had been working with Prof. Thorsten Klüner at University of Oldenburg (Germany).In 2008, Dr. Yim joined Institute of High Performance Computing in the Materials Science and Engineering division. In 2011, he became an independent investigator and his researches focus on quantum many-body effect and dynamical properties of materials, which are important for advancing the understanding in phase change materials and solar cell devices.

Time: 2011-11-24 10:00
Location: Room 9004, HFNL