The School of the Gifted Young

The School of the Gifted Young (SGY, known in Mandarin as the “Shào Nián Bān”) of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is an institute specially designed for the most talented young students. Based on the suggestion of Professor Tsung-Dao Lee, a Nobel Prize laureate in physics, SGY was initiated in March of 1978. Since its establishment, SGY has continued to grow in both size and recognition as the premiere honors program in Chinese academia.


The Fruits of Our Labors

After 40 years, the impact of SGY is clear. We have trained a large number of outstanding graduates, including members of domestic and foreign academies of science and engineering, and serve as an educational model aspired to throughout China. More than 80% of our graduates have continued their studies in educational and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, many of whom have grown into world-class scientists at the forefront of their field, teaching in global top universities and research centers. Many have gone on to found or take leading roles in industry, making remarkable achievements in the fields of information, finance and manufacturing, and making important contributions to social and economic development.