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[Xinhua]XI Jinping Visits USTC, Calling for Promoting Independent Innovation in Opening Up

Xinhua Net, April 27-On the morning of April 26, President XI Jinping visited the Institute of Advanced Technology of the University of Science and Technology of China, where he viewed a product exhibition of high-tech enterprises. XI talked with enterprise and institute personnel from intelligent language research, intelligent robot development, equipment manufacturing, new materials, biomedicine, intelligent new energy etc, and enquired about their technological development, commercialization of S&T achievements and application prospects. At the Beijing-Shanghai Quantum Communication Network Operation Center, XI listened to CAS academician PAN Jianwei’s introduction and commented on the R&D of quantum communication as “very promising and important”. XI said the achievements showed that inputs in emerging industries had been prompt and strong and had already led to obvious harvests. He also said that Hefei has nurtured many excellent talents and is a place of innovation. He further encouraged those present to keep up the good work and wished everybody good luck in scientific innovation.

XI Jinping: Independent Innovation Should be Emphasized in Opening Up

In his talk with researchers at IAT, XI said that innovation is the topmost among the five primary new development notions for China. With China’s New Normal economic situation, economy must be boosted with new energy. China’s industries are to be upgraded to mid and high level through increased independent innovations. XI pointed out that given the magnitude of Chinese economy, we can hardly seek sustainable development by relying totally on technological import from foreign countries. We shall persist in the strategy of opening up, while it is of great importance that independent innovation be boosted in the mean time.

Robots “Xiaoman” and “Jiajia” Greets XI Jinping

When viewing the Scientific and Technological Achievement Exhibition of High-tech Enterprises, XI Jinping came to the booth of USTC Xunfei and was greeted by a “round-headed” Robot, “Hello, General Secretary XI. I’m Xiaoman. We’ve been long expecting your visit, and I’m also very pleased to join the great cause of China’s rejuvenation.” Robot Jiajia said,“ I’m so happy to meet you, dear General Secretary XI. Wish you happiness all the time!” Researchers introduced the speech synthesis technology, and XI asked about its simulation rate, costs and commercial prospects. XI gave positive remarks on its application in speech translation, bi-lingual education, international cooperation etc. XI said that impressive progress has been made in emerging industries and he wished the researchers even greater achievements.

General Secretary’s Wish for USTC Students: Strengthening Cultural Confidence

On the afternoon of 26, XI visited the library of USTC. Upon entering the self-study room, XI was warmly greeted by excited students there. They surrounded the General Secretary and expressed their sincere welcome. XI asked where the students came from and cared about aspects of their campus life, "How many students are there in the National Defense Class? Are they pre-oriented upon admission?" "You must have had some impressive experience from last year’s teaching support in the western area. You are a student from countryside and always hold on to your dreams. ""Do you like it here studying in the library? It seems you need to come still earlier to get a seat." The students answered XI’s questions and enjoyed the talk very much. They discussed university life and shared their hopes with him.

After hearing the students’ opinions, XI said that China is transforming from a country rich in population to one rich in scientific talent resources. Education lies at the foundation for strengthening China’s manufacturing industries to realize “the two centenary goals”. We are confident in our effort to build world-class universities and cultivate first-class talents. With an open heart, we are embracing the world. Happiness cannot be obtained without sweat. We Chinese people have made many remarkable achievements, and we should not belittle ourselves; yet meanwhile we should make unremitting efforts to improve ourselves. College students should be devoted to the improvement of all-round abilities to serve our country and our people.

On the afternoon of 26, XI came to the Spin Magnetic Resonance Lab of USTC. He greeted the researchers and discussed experiments and research with them.

XI Jinping Encourages USTC Students: Be down-to-earth

At the self-study room of USTC library, when XI asked about plans after graduation, Shao Yunfei, a national defense student, answered firmly, “I will go wherever our country needs.” XI said, “Do you want to be a general?” Shao responded, “I just want to be an ordinary person and try to do everything well.” XI nodded with appreciation, “It’s good to be down-to-earth.” Outside the library, XI Jinping shook hands with thousands of faculty and students waiting along the road in the rain. The faculty and students sang in chorus the university anthem “the Forever East Wind”.