Students Meet with Research Advisors and Visit Labs

In May 2022, School of the Gifted Young (SGY) organized visits to 51 key laboratories spread over the entire University of Science and Technology campus. During the event, teachers patiently explained, students listened attentively, and volunteers served conscientiously, contributing to the event's desired effect.



On 15 May, students listened to the professors' in-depth and detailed explanations at several key laboratories of the Division of Quantum Physics and Quantum Information in the Physical and Chemical Building and the School of Chemistry and Material Science. The teachers discussed many topics with the students on how to view the frontiers of scientific research and the mindset they need to adopt on their research journey.


On 21 and 22 May, students visited key laboratories in the School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Earth and Space Science, School of Nuclear Science and Technology, National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, and School of Engineering Science. These laboratories not only possess advanced equipment, but also hold high academic standards, resulting in strong research capabilities. The teachers warmly welcomed students to the laboratories for hands-on research practice.


On 28 and 29 May, in the laboratories of the School of Physical Sciences, School of Information Science and Technology, the Department of Environment and the Division of Life Sciences and Medicine, the charm of science greatly enriched the students' understanding of scientific research and knowledge, and stimulated their keen interests in learning related subjects.


During the last half-day of the event, Prof. Lianxin Liu, Head of the First Affiliated Hospital, came to meet the students face-to-face. Prof. Liu told stories of his own student days with humor, and introduced his current research program. 


The visits have been an inspiring experience for the students.



Students of SGY are not assigned majors upon entering college. Instead, they choose majors after completing the freshman year, and can change to different majors in the sophomore and even junior year. Most students conduct extracurricular research under the guidance of their academic advisors. This is an important part of SGY education program as it helps students gain a direct experience of research complementing what they learn in classrooms.

Translated by WU Zihan