SGY - “Students Meet with Research Advisors” - Communication Session a Success

On June 7th, 2022, SGY held a communication session between students and advisors on research practice successfully. Many research academic advisors and some representatives of labs attend the session, including Prof. Zhengguo Zhao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Prof. Xiangyang Li, Executive Dean of School of Computer Science and Technology of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). The session attracted more than three hundred students from SGY, who had close communication with all the advisors.


Prof. Zhengtian Lu, Dean of SGY, was also present at the event and expressed his heartfelt welcome to the advisors and students of SGY, as well as his gratitude to the teachers and volunteers who organized the session. He also thanked the teachers and volunteers for their hard work. During the session, Prof. Lu also joined the students in listening carefully to the presentations from the advisors about their research directions.


The supervisors got amounts of attention from many students in SGY and aroused their interest in scientific research through beautiful poster displays, vivid equipment demonstrations, as well as their own laboratory peripherals and cartoon picture books. Through this activity, students learned about a series of scientific frontier issues such as "how to convert carbon dioxide into starch", "how to study fundamental particles in nature", and "what are the current technical barriers to the application of new energy sources". The students learned about a series of scientific frontier issues such as "how to convert carbon dioxide into starch", "how to study Elementary particles in nature", "what are the technological barriers to the application of new energy", etc. Students SGY were so attracted and illustrated that the research careers from theirs were enlightened.


The session invited experts and professors in various fields and provided loads of frontier information, extending what students had learned in class. It, on the one hand, deepened students' knowledge of scientific research and guided them to discover the beauty of scientific research and, on the other hand, provided practical help in choosing their majors and planning their future development at such a time for choosing their ways. 


Undergraduates have infinite vitality and possibilities. We hope they can live up to their future choices and climb to the peak of science under the guidance of all the teachers, advisors, and supervisors.


Translated by Zihan WU