Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Return with a Young Heart -- The School of the Gifted Young held a series of activities for the Class of 2022

The Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony was held on the evening of June 22. The School leadership, alumni representatives, and both administrative and academic advisors of the graduation class participated in the activity together with the students of the graduating class.

Professor Zhenyu Li, the Associate Dean, encouraged students to keep in touch after graduation, and seek collaboration with each other in their future endeavors. Professor Zheng-Tian Lu, Dean of the School of the Gifted Young (SGY), praised the students for their hard work over the past four years and encouraged the students to stay earnest and diligent following the spirit of "Ruzi Oxen". Mr. Yu He, a representative of the alumni, shared his college life and his entrepreneurial experience, and encouraged the graduates to bravely face difficulties and pursue excellence.

Outstanding graduates, including those from the Honor Program for Interdisciplinary Studies, were presented honor certificates. The ceremony also premiered a moving video featuring the Class of 2022. Afterwards, the graduates performed a wonderful variety show for the audience.


Forums and Ceremonies

On May 16 and June 13, the School held two panel discussions for the graduating classes. At the forums, students spoke enthusiastically, sharing their experiences and reflections on college lives, and offered sincere suggestions regarding the future development of the School.

On May 16, the School held a ceremony for student-assistant counselors and the "1+1" program. A total of 25 senior students volunteered to serve as student-assistant counselors, and helped the freshman and sophomore classes over the past two months. They shared experience, answered questions, and provided one-on-one help.

The School invited the winners of both the Guo Moruo scholarship and National scholarship to share their stories before graduation, which the School compiled into a volume titled "Build Dream, Pursue Improvement, and Soar". This book reflects the students’ sense of honor in the pursuit of excellence and is a window to display the life and style of our students. The School will distribute the book to the incoming freshmen to help them understand and adapt to college life more quickly.

Photo Album and Gift

On the afternoon of June 17, graduates from the seven classes of the School gathered and dressed in their bachelor's gowns to take graduation group photos. Zheng-Tian Lu presented a commemorative gift to each class counselor on behalf of the School, thanking them for their dedication and hard work in the past four years. A student helped the counselor to put on a corsage, and the camera captured this beautiful moment of gratitude and blessings.

To leave a beautiful memory, the School customized a graduation album titled "Goodbye to the Youth and Set Out for a New Adventure." The album shows the students' life at USTC, records their growth in the past four years, and conveys the teachers' best wishes and sincere expectations for the graduates.

The School also presented a customized graduation gift to each graduate. Each male student receives a customized tie, and female student received a specially made scarf. The pattern on the ties and scarves are based on the campus map, in which marked in orange is the location of the SGY building. 

The 2022 graduation season series of activities, "Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Return with a Young Heart”, conclude. Our best wishes to the Class of 2022.