Laboratory Show and Tell - Students Meet with Research Advisors

In the Fall semester of 2023, School of the Gifted Young (SGY) has held four “Laboratory Show and Tell” sessions between students and advisors, covering research at the Key Laboratory of Strongly-Coupled Quantum Matter Physics, the Laboratory for Intelligent Networking and Knowledge Engineering, the State Key Laboratory of Particle Detection and Electronics, and the Information Treatment Center. Over 230 students took part in these activities.



On September 17th, Prof. Chang-Gan Zeng, a Changjiang Scholar, gave a lecture titled Strongly-Coupled Quantum Matter Physics – Facing the development of quantum energy and quantum information. He introduced both the physics of this area and the current research being conducted by he and his colleagues at the Key Laboratory.

On October 15th, Prof. Xiang-Yang Li, Director of the School of Information and Artificial Intelligence, gave a lecture titled An Intelligent and Strongly Connected World. He gave students a vivid explanation on AloT (Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things) as well as data security and privacy.

On November 12th, Academician Zheng-Guo Zhao and colleagues focused on the detection technology of the microscopic world. They explained in detail the most advanced technology of particle detection and fast electronics.

On November 26th, Prof. Neng-Hai Yu, Dean of the Department of Cybersecurity, along with colleagues discussed the security issues related to the wildly popular generative artificial intelligence. 

The Laboratory Show and Tell sessions aim to help SGY students gain a better understanding of the current research in the University, connect more students with laboratories of their interests, and encourage them to engage in extra-curricular research.


Translated by Shen-Yi Huang