Inauguration Ceremony of SGY Talent Program in Precision and AI Chemistry

On November 26th, the Talent Program in Precision and AI Chemistry was inaugurated at SGY. Academician Jinlong YANG, Vice President of USTC, attended the ceremony along with academic mentors and students. The ceremony was presided over by Professor Jun JIANG from the Key Laboratory of Precision and Intelligent Chemistry (KLPIC).


Professor Zhenyu LI, Director of KLPIC, outlined the laboratory's background, and introduced the objectives and training methods of the newly established talent program. The program aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents in chemistry, computer science, artificial intelligence, and automation, laying a solid foundation for the future.


Professor Zhneg-Tian LU, Dean of SGY, noted that interdisciplinary talent cultivation is a key focus of this program, as an important component of the education innovation of the school. He was delighted to see the enthusiastic students and the strong lineup of mentors, and looked forward to future development.

School leaders, including Prof. Zheng-Tian LU, Guangzhong SUN, Hongjia CHEN, and Jingzhi XU jointly presented appointment certificates to the mentors of this new program. Professor Shiyong LIU, Executive Dean of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, discussed the future trend of combining chemistry and materials with computer science, encouraging students to break through the barriers defined by their majors.


During the mentor-student discussion session, students presented their thoughts on major study and asked about research life. Mentors provided individual responses and expressed their willingness to offer continuos assistance in the future.

Academician Jinlong YANG, Vice President of USTC, delivered the concluding remarks. He noticed how this Precision and Intelligent Chemistry will change the paradigm of scientific research in today’s Information Age. He then expressed his hope that students would truly feel the rapid development of science during their university studies and lay solid foundation for future development, and strive to grow into leading talents in relevant fields.

Following the ceremony, the mentors and students of the program visited the robotic chemist platform of KLPIC. Professor Jun JIANG and Ph.D. student Luyuan ZHAO explained and demonstrated its research projects.

SGY Talent Program in Precision and AI Chemistry is jointly established by SGY and KLPIC. It enrolls students from SGY, and is designed to further leverage the school’s advantage on talent cultivation. The first class of the program enrolled 17 students.