Bright Futures Await – School of the Gifted Young 2021 Graduation Ceremonies

    It's the annual graduation season again, and to send off the graduating students from the School of Gifted Young (SGY), class of 2017 (those graduating in 2021), SGY organized a series of graduation season activities, including "Us at Our Best" graduation album, "This isn’t Goodbye" graduation group photo, and a seminar for the graduates of 2017.

    In order to commemorate college life, help students recall their 4 years at SGY, and leave a good memory for graduates to remember in future years, the college tailored the commemorative book "Us at our Best" to the class of 2017. The commemorative book reproduces the students' life in the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and SGY, records the students' transformation and growth in their four years’ study, and conveys the teachers' good wishes and ardent hopes for the graduates.

    In the afternoon of June 16, SGY took a group photo for graduation, which was an unexpectedly sunny day in Hefei during the rainy season. Graduates from 6 classes of the college gathered at the entrance of the SGY building in their bachelor's uniforms. Before the photoshoot, each class gave a corsage to their head teacher, and the camera recorded the gratitude and blessings of the students to their teachers.

    Each class took a group photo at the entrance of the college with their head teacher and the SGY management team. After the photo was taken, Dean Zheng-Tian Lu gave the head teachers, who had worked so hard to bring their students to successful graduation, a commemorative gift. After the group photo, the students still held the teachers’ hands to take a group photo to witness and keep the important moment in their lives.

    At 16:00 on June 17, SGY held a seminar for the 2017 graduates in Classroom 308. Dean Lu and Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch Lan Rong and a dozen student representatives attended the seminar, which was hosted by Deputy Secretary Lan Rong.

    Graduates freely expressed their opinions and put forward their suggestions on the construction and management affairs of the college. Students put forward their ideas and opinions on internship, curriculum design, professional class settings and graduate admissions work, among other topics. Dean Lu and Deputy Secretary Lan further solicited opinions on the issues raised by the students, expecting to create a better growth environment for future students of SGY. Finally, Dean Lu expressed his gratitude to the graduates for their valuable opinions and wished them well in their new journey, not forgetting SGY.

    Graduates are about to embark on a new journey and start a new dream. May they remember the school spirit and motto of USTC, uphold the fine tradition of the college, and never forget their original intention when they started on their educational journey. With the good memories of USTC and SGY and the sincere blessings of their teachers and classmates, they will fly higher and higher and shine more brilliantly!

Translated by Zihan WU