In the past 40 years, the School has trained thousands of outstanding graduates. Among our alumni, there are members of domestic and foreign academies of science and engineering. Many have grown into scientists and educators in universities and research centers around the world. Others have gone on to found companies or took leadership roles in industry, making remarkable achievements in the fields of information, finance and manufacturing.

          From 2016 to 2020, 35.1% of the graduating classes chose to pursue graduate degrees abroad, 44.1% pursue graduate studies in domestic institutions, and 20.8% took jobs in industry.

Role Model

Yang Zhong ‘79

Prof. Zhong, who passed away in 2017, was a Changjiang Scholar Professor at Fudan University and a professor at the University of Tibet. He held a long-term commitment and made key contributions to biodiversity research and protection, and to the advancement of education in Western China.

“Role Model of Our Era” of China (2018)

“2018 Person Who Has Moved China”


Yaqin Zhang ‘78

Professor of computer science, Tsinghua University

Director, Tsinghua Research Center for Intelligent Manufacturing

Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Member, Australian Academy of Engineering

President of Baidu(2014 - 2019)

Senior Executive of Microsoft(1999 - 2014),Senior VP of Microsoft Global, President and Chief Scientist of Microsoft Research Lab - Asia

Liqun Luo ‘81

Professor of biology, Stanford University

Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

National Academy of Sciences Pradel Award (2019)

Jiangfeng Du '85

Professor of physics, USTC

Vice President, USTC

Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences

“China Science News” Person of the Year (2019)

He Liang He Li Prize (2019)

Xiaowei Zhuang ‘87

Professor of physics and biology, Harvard University

Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences (2019)

MacArthur Genius Award (2003)

Jianjun Gu ‘87

Professor of robotic engineering, Dalhousie University, Canada

Member, Canadian National Academy of Engineering

President of IEEE Canada (2020-2021)

Leaders in Industry

Mellisa Dongmin Ma ‘85

Founder of Baidu

Established “USTC Rose Development Fund” (2018)

Yuqian Xiong ‘85

Founder, Chairman, and President of Foxit Software

Biao Wan ‘87

CEO of Honor

Former Senior VP, Consumer BG COO, Huawei

Rick Ke Li ‘92

Partner, Goldman Sachs

Head of Global Credit Trading Strategy, Goldman Sachs Securities

Young Talents

Xi Yin ‘96

Professor of physics, Harvard University

Breakthrough Prize – New Horizons in Physics (2017)

Yunji Chen ‘97 and Tianshi Chen ’01 (brothers)

Yunji: Senior Scientist, CAS Center for Brain Research

MIT Science and Technology Review “35 Under 35” (2015)

XPLORER Prize (2019)

Tianshi: Founder and CEO of Cambricon

China Science News Person of the Year (2019)

Yu’ao Chen ‘98

Professor of physics, USTC

Executive Dean, School of Physics, USTC

Fresnel Prize, European Physical Society (2013)

China Science News Person of the Year (2013)

XPLORER Prize (2019)

Shan Lu ‘98

Professor of computer science, University of Chicago

Distinguished Member, Association for Computing Machinery (2019)

Song Sun ‘02

Associate Professor of mathematics, UC Berkeley

Veblen Prize in Geometry (2019)

Breakthrough Prize - New Horizons in Mathematics (2021)

Gao Chen ‘08

Professor of mathematics, USTC

Alibaba Damo Academy Prize (2021)

In 2021, at the age of 26, published a major advance in differential geometry in the top mathematics journal Inventiones Mathematicae, connecting between the theory of relativity and the Yang-Mills theory.

Yuan Cao ‘10

Physicist and Postdoc, Harvard University

McMillan Prize in solid state physics (2021)

Published 8 papers in Nature and 1 in Science

In 2018, at the age of 22, he was named one of the “Ten Scientists of 2018” by Nature magazine.