• USTC Held 2018 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony

    It was another June, and another time for graduation. The 2018 graduates have completed their studies and will sail from their alma mater to start a new journey. On the morning of June 23th, the 2018 graduation ceremony and degree dress award ceremony

    The blue school flag lifted moved slowly to the rostrum.Photo by LIU Xianke.
  • USTC Wins Winner Award in NTIRE, CVPR 2018
    [2018-07-18] Prof. XIONG Zhiwei’s group from School of Information Science and Technology received the Winner Aw...
  • USTC finds Oridonin as a covalent NLRP3 inhibitor
    [2018-07-12] ZHOU Rongbin, JIANG Wei from Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale with DENG...
  • First USTC International Students Dragon Boat Team participates in Competition
    [2018-07-10] First USTC International Students Dragon Boat Team participates in 2018 Dragon Boat Festival Competi...
  • Happy Life in USTC for Future Physicists
    [2018-07-07] The 6th Future Physicist International Summer Camp (FPISC) officially opened on July 2, 2018. By Jul...
  • Prof. Arieh Warshel Lectures Computational Biology in the Forum of Great Minds
    [2018-07-05] Prof. Arieh Warshel, 2013 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, shared his work in computational studie...
  • [Global Times]Chinese Physicists’ Quantum Achievement Signals Dawn of Supercomputer
    [2018-07-04] Chinese physicists realized a genuine entanglement of 18 quantum particles.
  • USTC Student LU Song Named the Chinese Student of the Year
    [2018-07-03] LU Song, USTC PhD candidate,has been named as the 13th Chinese Student of the Year.
  • iFlytek AI Hospital is Ongoing in Anhui and Beyond
    [2018-07-03] Artificial Intelligence Aided Diagnosis and Treatment by iFlytek is ongoing in Anhui and beyond.
  • USTC’s Immunology Journal CMI Receives Record High Impact Factor of 7.551 for 2017
    [2018-07-02] The Clarivate Analytics announced the impact factor of the Cellular & Molecular Immunology (CMI) to ...
  • Scientists Achieved Direct Measurement of the Winding Number in Quantum Walks
    [2018-06-29] Scientists Achieved Direct measurement of the winding number in quantum walks.
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  • “Quantum-Sized” Metal Nanoparticles for Photochemical Energy Conversion

    07-20 15:00 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Moiré excitons in a van der Waals heterostructure

    07-18 10:00 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

    Catalysis over Metal Oxides: Shape and Composition Effects

    07-17 10:00 Environment and Resources Building 939

    A Soft Material Approach Towards Grand Energy Challenges

    07-16 14:30 ROOM 9004, HFNL Building

    Topological and Interaction Effects in Atomically Thin 1D & 2D Materials

    07-16 10:00 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

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